Redefining short-run injection molding for engineers, designers, and R&D.

Meet The T1.

A professional grade injection molding machine that allows you to create customer quality plastic parts in a fraction of the time and cost when compared to both full scale tooling and 3D printing. Reproduce a part or part families in minutes using our extensive suite of high grade resins and available finishes. Rapid mold fabrication will shorten development cycles to a few hours using 3D printed mold inserts or a few days using aluminum molds, allowing production to keep up with innovation. A new standard in performance and flexibility for injection molding.

Build Envelope

12″ x 12″ x 6″

Machine Size

48″ x 24″ x 30″

Cycle Time

As fast as 4 minutes depending on material.

Mold Options

The T1 has three standard mold sizes irrespective if you choose an aluminum, 3D printed or other material type mold with each available in single and multi-cavity molds as part geometry’s allow.

Molds can be textured to a wide range of surface finishes which transfers to your parts during the injection molding process.  Custom finishes are also available where part geometries allow.

Turn-key Tooling:

For those that prefer a turn-key mold service, users can upload a part file to our QUOTE ENGINE, set mold and part specifications and receive instant feedback on expected mold and part costs.

Open Source Tooling:

For those that prefer to create their own molds an “open source” subscription is available where the T1’s smart technologies are disabled allowing users to fabricate their own molds and utilize alternative resins.


41.06mm x 41.06mm x 59.07mm
Black Rigid Polyurethane

Aluminum Mold

  • 10,000+ cycles
  • Approx $4.65 per part (based on 5,000 qty)
  • 7x cost savings over online part manufacturing
  • 100x time savings over 3D printed part
  • Cost and time savings traditional tooling
  • Aluminum mold supplied in days

3D Printed Mold

  • 15+ cycles
  • Approx $3.75 per part (based on 20 qty)
  • 100x time savings over 3D printed part
  • Cost and time savings over online part manufacturing
  • Cost and time savings traditional tooling
  • Printed onsite for same day use in MUD mold
Dashboard + Supplies

Connected System

Each mold and resin tank has a smart chip programmed by BetaJet’s engineers with inputs like cycle time, molding pressure, clamping force and molding temperature. When the mold and resin tanks are inserted in to the T1, the machine automatically configures to the preset inputs programmed on the chips. There is no input or programming required by the user.

Since the T1 is a connected device, all data can be monitored through the BetaJet web application. Additionally, firmware and diagnostics can be automatically pushed to the T1 in real time.

Use Cases

Product Engineers

  • Pilot and Beta production
  • Product Reliability studies
  • Engineering Performance evaluation

In-House Production

  • Medical and healthcare
  • Consumer Products
  • Transportation
  • Industrial and Ruggidized Products
  • Robotics
  • Packaging

New Product Development

  • Sales samples
  • Market study and focus groups
  • Point of purchase display models
  • Exhibit models


Purchase Options

T1 System:
$30,000 USD
Dashboard software included. Ships Q3 2018.
Open-Source Tooling Subscription:

Email For Pricing


Reservations for the T1 are $1,000.
We are now taking reservations for the T1. Those with reservations will be the first to receive machines after our early user group has concluded. We are selecting our early user group from those that have reservations.

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