Short-Run Injection Molding System

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Meet The T1.
Made For Short-run Injection Molding.

A professional grade short-run injection molding system that allows you to create customer quality plastic parts in a fraction of the time and cost when compared to both full scale tooling and 3D printing. Reproduce a part or part families in minutes using our extensive suite of high grade resins and available finishes. Rapid mold fabrication will shorten development cycles to a few hours using 3D printed mold inserts or a few days using aluminum molds, allowing production to keep up with innovation. A new standard in performance and flexibility for injection molding.

Common Applications:

  • Low volume production parts
  • Alpha & Beta builds
  • Pre-production / Bridge to hard tooling parts
  • A-Rank vehicle components
  • Foam parts for aircraft and automotive interiors

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